Be My Baby

Women's Group

ACT Aberdeen

13th April 2013

The Amanda Whittington play is set in 1964 and tells the story of a 19-year-old girl called Mary. Her mother discovers that Mary is seven months pregnant and sends her to a religious mother-baby home. In these homes, girls had to hide their children and were not allowed out in public as they would be scorned for their states. These girls were laughed at, made inferior and were simply not accepted by society, and the aim of these homes was to keep them out of the public eye. We see Mary and the other girls in the home try to come to terms with their pregnancy, and through the time that they spend at the home, not only do they learn a little bit about pregnancy but the girls also become great friends, bonding over songs by The Ronettes and The Dixie Cups. One of the girls, Norma, has her baby and it is taken away from her to be adopted, causing her to suffer from stress and have hallucinations that her baby is still there, with her. In the end, Mary gives birth to a girl and is helped by another resident, Queenie, in the delivery, whom we find out has already had a baby before. The baby girl is named Lucy. Lucy then gets taken away from Mary and is given to an adoptive family.



It feels so long ago, but Be My Baby was Shazam’s first ever show! We’ve come a long way, but we look back on Be My Baby with fond memories, and it really helps us realise how far we have come and developed since then!

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