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Women's Group

  • Explore the history and stories women

  • Put your acting skills to the test

  • Perform on stage as part of a company

This group is ideal for those who wish to:​

Shazam Theatre Company's Women's Group is a unique production based group, who regularly perform pieces of theatre focussing on the stories of women. As the only women's group in the North-East of Scotland, Shazam's women's groups can be found every time there's a story to be told...

The group was formed for their production of 'Be My Baby' at ACT Aberdeen in 2013. Since then they have also staged performances of 'Five Women Wearing the Same Dress', 'Women on Twilight' and 'The Allotment'.

Since this group runs periodically, please contact us if you wish to be updated on any upcoming projects.

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