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Hi all. My name is Marie Skene and I am the Artistic Director of Shazam Theatre Company. Since graduating with a BA Hons Drama from Northumbria University in 2006 I have worked for many companies and community groups and organisations. I have always had a passion for youth theatre and community arts. After graduating I decided to come back to Aberdeen to help improve the arts scene in the North East. I currently direct all of Shazam’s youth groups and also run several other drama workshops in communities around Aberdeen.


I love the family feel that Shazam has and the confidence it brings to the young people. I love watching the journey of the groups as well as our final productions. I would like to thank all who work for Shazam for helping to make the groups run and for making my dreams come true. Without all the support I've received, Shazam would not be the company that it is today - look at the fantastic projects we have ran!


My favorite moments are immediately after the opening night of our shows when everyone’s hard work has paid off and you get the first night buzz… oh, and meeting Kay Adams in the toilets while attending the Scottish Charity Awards!

Hi! My name is Michelle, and I volunteer at Shazam as their Administrator, doing work such as collecting fees, writing letters about what’s going on at Shazam, dealing with ticket sales and attending the groups. I also run a small tuck shop for the youngsters.


I have been with Shazam from the very start. Being a stay at home mum has given me the opportunity and time to be involved with Shazam and deal with the individual needs for each of the groups within the company. 


What I like about Shazam is it has a large age range of attendees who come from all over Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire to perform shows & plays at various halls, The Tivoli Theatre and locations in Inverness, Edinburgh and as far as Prague. My favourite thing about Shazam is seeing the look of pure elation on performers faces, especially when they hear the audience reaction to their performance.

Hello! my name is Ronnie and I am the Transport Manager for Shazam. You will find me driving the Shazam bus on a weekly basis and for all the trips that Shazam groups go on, although my job can involve a lot more than simpling driving the bus! You can also find me moving set, costumes and other deliveries around the city for the group and I spend lots of time cleaning, servicing and painting our lovely bus.


I love a good chat with the young people and hearing about how much fun they have in the groups.  In my spare time I like to spend time with my lovely wife Iris and going to the park with the Shazam mascot - our dog Georgie! My favourite moment with Shazam so far was the Shazam Christmas party (especially the secret Santa gifts!).

Hello, I’m Ryan and I am the Workshop Assistant for some of Shazam's classes. During these classes my role comprises of taking and editing photo’s & film, managing scripts and mainly assisting the young people with their performace.


Since the birth of Shazam in 2014 I have been involved with show production in various forms; working as a stagehand, taking publicity photographs, filming where required, programme design assistance and basically anything else I’m needed for.


Prior to my involvement with Shazam, I attended Castlegate Theatre School at the Aberdeen Arts Centre under the tutelage of Marie Skene where I performed several shows. Because of the experience I have been given both on and off stage I found myself self-studying photography and filmmaking, which is something I hope to have a career in.


My favourite Shazam moment was going to Eden Court in Inverness to attend the National Theatre's 'Connections' festival for the first time, which was really cool because I got to see a lot of amazing shows and, most importantly, have tons of fun with the Junior Youth Theatre.


Shazam Theatre Company SCIO is run by a board of voluntary Trustees. The current board are:

Amy Thomson

Claire Forsyth

Jill Rebecca

Michelle Donaldson

Michelle Ross

Marie Skene

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