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Junior Youth Theatre

NESCol Basement Theatre

9th-10th March 2017

It’s a long, hot summer. Six teenagers are in various states of lust, longing and unrequited love. A boy has a crush on the girl next door; only she’s going out with the school heartthrob. Two teenagers meet for a blind date but they’re both thinking about someone else. A shy girl with a secret makes friends with the most popular girl in her class. Only these are love stories with a difference: thanks to the inner voice trailing around after each character, we get to hear what they’re all saying and thinking. Fortunately there’s a narrator to keep us all on track, but there’s a small problem: our narrator would much rather be on reality TV.


Out Junior Youth Theatre presented this show as part of the National Theatre’s ‘Connections’ festival, first performing in Aberdeen and then sharing their work with a paying audience and hundreds of young people in Eden Court theatre in Inverness. The cast spent time looking at the emotional journeys of their characters and what makes them tick. As one story comes to an end and the next begins, the cast transition between locations by rearranging and adapting the scenery to give an indication of the new setting.

Production Images

Three 1
Three 2
Three 3
Three 4
Three 5
Three 6
Three 7
Three 8


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