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Women of Twilight

Shazam's Women's Group

University of Aberdeen

19th August 2016

Set in a basement living room, we see a grim and sordid place inhabited by a motley group of unmarried young women with babies - already born or about to be hustled into an unfriendly world. The 'proprietress' - a sadistic, unscrupulous woman called Helen Allistair - though a qualified nurse, exploits these unfortunate outcasts from society until one of them - the despairing girl Vivianne, whose gangster lover is hanged and who has nothing to lose - discovers this ghoulish creature's baby-farming activities. Vivianne, whose baby is shortly to be born, faces Mrs Allistair with her accusation, is brutally assaulted and almost loses her life. In the end justice is done, and Mrs Allistair gets her deserts


Designed as a ‘pop-up’ theatre production, Shazam’s Women’s Group presented The Women of Twilight in converted lecture hall.

Production Images

16_8 Women 3
16_8 Women 1
16_8 Women 2
16_8 Women 4
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