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Charlie To The Checkout
Senior Youth Theatre
First Performed on 7th May at the Lorne Drama Festival, Oban
Home Performance on 27th June 2022 at Aberdeen Arts Centre Cafe Bar

CharlieToCheckout - 184.jpg

Hilarious one act comedy set in a supermarket...

It’s Riley’s first day on the checkout, and things are not going well: product returns, complaints, queue-jumping and an armed robbery!


Charlie said he’d be on hand, but he’s not answering the PA.


So Riley steps up.

Performed in Oban, as part of the Lorne Drama Festival, the group are delighted to return this year with the new piece.

Also performed at home, in Aberdeen, so that friends & family and local audiences could witness Riley's various antics!

Production Images

CharlieToCheckout - 130
CharlieToCheckout - 109
CharlieToCheckout - 235
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