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Junior Musical Theatre

  • ​Learn about singing and movement in addition to acting

  • Work towards a large scale musical each year

  • Have opportunities to create devised performances 

  • Build skills in preparation for moving to our Senior Musical Theatre group


This group is ideal for those who wish to:​

Wednesday 5-7pm

Age 8-18


Our Musical Theatre Juniors is ideally suited for the youngest of budding performers with participants ranging in age from 8-18 years old. The group are a fantastic and welcoming bunch who have an energetic and fun time during both rehearsals and performances. Many of our young people tell us that show week is the highlight of the year!


From their fantastic winter shows and cabarets which are devised by the group, to the marvellous summer performances of shows like ‘Wizard of Oz’, 'Peter Pan' and 'Me and My Girl' there is an opportunity for all young people to shine. 


In past years our Junior Musical Theatre group have performed in amazing venues such as the recently refurbished Tivoli Theatre and Aberdeen Arts Centre, where hundreds of audience members come to enjoy their shows each year.

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